Levi Mandel

New York, NY, USA

Who are you?

Image maker, animal lover, all around good guy.

What do you want?

Positive energy.

Why photography?

Why not?

What gear do you use?

A handful of 35mm point-and-shoot cameras, digital SLR camera, cellphone sometimes.

Any interests, hobbies, or passions outside of photography?

Ballet, skateboarding, thrifting, road tripping, destination-less walks, Manhattan dog-packs, rollercoasters.

Music, movies, books, TV, games. What are some of your favorites? Any recommendations?

Music: Connan Mockasin, Ariel Pink, The Pharcyde, Lil Peep (R.I.P.), J Dilla, The Beach Boys, Sleep, Ratking, King Krule, Future Islands, DJ Rashad, etc.

Movies: Korine, Kubrick, Solondz, etc.

TV: Mostly trash

Games: Dominion, Magic, Cee-lo.

How did you first get into photography?

I started looking at photography seriously in high school, mostly as an outlet from feeling depressed and wanting to focus my attention on something isolated.

Who or what is inspiring you?

I'll always be inspired by the beauty within the ordinary. The magic within the boring. An adventure through America's forgotten cities and neighborhoods.

What's one thing about yourself that would surprise most people?

Former professional ballet dancer.

Got any words of wisdom or a favorite quote?

Call your parents more. Appreciate strangers more and respect their differences. Eat real food and less meat.

Any other photographers you think people should check out?

I'm super inspired by the New Topography movement, which of course owes everything to the likes of Stephen Shore, the Bechers, Robert Adams, William Eggleston, Alec Soth, etc.

What do you wish someone would ask you?

What did the ocean say to the beach?

What’s the answer to that question?

Nothing - it just waved.

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