Brian McSwain

South Florida, USA

Who are you?

It's probably easier for me to answer this question by stating what I'm not, but that still doesn't answer your question. I'm not my job, thats what I do. You see what I'm saying? My age is not who I am. It's a deep question.

What do you want?

Simplicity. Personal growth. I want peace and love. I want time. I want my wife. I want my friends. I want to laugh. I want to be outside. I want to appreciate every day, every moment as much as possible.

Why photography?

Driving and going out for a long walk with a camera hasn't gotten old to me yet. The possibility and the unexpected that comes along with making photographs is what keeps me coming back.

What gear do you use?

Mamiya 7 and Contax T3.

Any interests, hobbies, or passions outside of photography?

The NBA, music, interior design (really all design in general), and New Orleans (my hometown).

Music, movies, books, TV, games. What are some of your favorites? Any recommendations?

Music wise I've been listening to Juvenile's 400 Degreez a lot lately and Terekke. I don't play video games. The BBC's documentary Frozen Planet is a favorite. Chef's Table on Netflix is a phenomenal documentary series and highly inspirational for me.

How did you first get into photography?

I think it first piqued my interest through skate magazines, then advertising work in high fashion magazines.

Who or what is inspiring you?

Axel Vervoordt has been an inspiration as of late. Photography wise I'd say Mark Steinmetz, Raymond Meeks, and Robert Adams are like the holy trinity of photography inspiration for me.

Got any words of wisdom or a favorite quote?

When walking around taking photos a few week ago I kept saying to myself “get outside your comfort zone”.

Any other photographers you think people should check out?

Adam Bellefeuil, Muge, Callum Beaney, and someone who goes by the Instagram handle

Anything else you’d like to add?

Thank you for asking me to be involved.

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